The middle-aged man threatened NetEnt with a ferocious face, and the three strong men in animal skins were also full of anger, and there were bloodstains on the corners of their mouths, and one or two nairabets on their bodies. The blood hole, the face is not good-looking, it should be injured. Behind the middle-aged man were three disciples of the Thunder Heaven Sect. The swords in their hands had blood on the Leap. They must have pierced the bodies of the three big men. Their faces were full of smug smiles. “The human beings outside are really the same as the evil man, but they are more despicable and vicious than the evil man.” A one-eyed man roared angrily, and took out some elixir that exudes a strong spiritual energy, which they had just collected. Chen Xiang was furious in his heart when he saw it. After all, this Thunder Sky Sect is also a famous sect in the new world, and the headmaster actually did such a thing. “This guy should be the headmaster of the Thunder Heaven Sect, Lei Durong, you must not spare him!” Chen Xiang took out the Death-Death Demon Crossbow, gathered the dragon’s power, and released the dead energy of the Demon-Rotten Champions League. The demon rot and death qi was controlled very precisely, as long as it was enough to rot the qi inside the body of the head teacher of the Thunder Sky Sect. “Xueyi, look at the timing and use your power to save that little girl. You must not let this guy succeed.” Chen Xiang said, and the condensed chelsa’s crossbow arrows shot out angrily. After the crossbow was shot, Lei Durong immediately felt that someone was sneaking up on him, and the moment he relaxed, a strange force made the rumble girl in his betting hand suddenly fall off his palm, floated towards the one-eyed girl and shouted. “Who?” Lei Durong roared angrily, Chen Xiang’s crossbow arrow did not penetrate his body, but was blocked by a powerful armor. Even so, but 1xBet that magic rot

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