Provide online reading of classic quotations, download a large number of TXT e-books, please go to Select Background Color: Select Font Size: Livescore Category: Other Novels The Little Thief Title: Douding () provides downloads for poker, romance novels, fantasy novels Online reading and reading of all kinds of novels, martial arts novels, science fiction and so on. After Chen Xiang finished his training, he was dragged onto the Frisbee by Gu Dongchen, and now he has not decided whether to win or lose, but to leave this place first, because he can’t stay here for long. Flying out of that mysterious realm, Shen Xiang grinned and said: “I won the Endorphina.” After Nairabet, he raised the three black Nine-Aperture Spinmatic Pills in his hand. Liu Meng’er chuckled: “Are you still hallucinating? Look at Elder Dan’s, but they are two golden betting pills!” Chen Xiang looked at the pill pills in the jade box in the baccarat held by Elder Dan, Immediately exclaimed: “Little girl live betting head, you are really amazing, you can refine two grains of high quality!” Gu Dongchen smiled and said: “Little uncle, are you stupid in there? Those three pills were a failure, if you work harder, you might succeed in the future, look at your Nine-Aperture Tempering Body Pill, it doesn’t have any medicine spirit at all!” Chen Xiang reprimanded deliberately: “What do you know, you are alchemy Master, I am the Nine Aperture Body Tempering Pill of the peak quality!” Gu Dongchen and the others suddenly looked puzzled at the peak quality. Chen Xiang handed Elder Dan a pill, and said: “If you don’t believe me, take a pill and see for yourself!” It was the first time Elder Dan had heard that the Nine-Aperture Body Tempering Pill had peak quality, so she took the Nine-Aperture Body Tempering Pill Dan, dig your hand into the mask and eat it. Not long after, Elder Dan let out a surprised sigh: “That’s right,

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