Chen Xiang took out two beads, which were full of flames. These were the flames of heaven and earth condensed by Chen Xiang in the champions league these two days. They were all compressed by him inside BetWinner, and they had been appeased by him. access. “Use my flame when melting, wrap this kind of flame on the blade when cutting, it can also be done easily, it should be enough for you to use for a long time.” Chen Xiang threw the two beads out. The two women hurriedly and carefully caught it. Chen Xiang’s flame was not strong, but it could melt the forebet bones that made them feel helpless, but the flame looked normal and there was nothing strange about it. When he asked Chen Xiang, he The mysterious refusal to speak made the two girls very curious. “Come find me if you find the Artifact Refining Book, I will be in the Taiwumen, I will go to flashscore to try this thing.” Chen Xiang shook the Death-Death Demon Crossbow in his hand. After Chen Xiang left, Dongfang Xinyue was full of doubts: “Meng’er, your apprentice’s husband is really powerful, the big knife in his hand is not an ordinary thing, have you borrowed it to see it!” Dongfang Xinyue played with Chen Xiang. Give her the Liverpool Fire Bead, although the kind of flame inside is not very strong, but it can melt those bones, which makes it difficult for her to understand. “Xinyue, this kid has a lot of secrets. Although I know a little about poker, I can’t talk nonsense without his consent. Please forgive me.” Liu Meng’er said. Dongfang Xinyue smiled softly: “It’s okay, hurry up and unlock the secrets in the Artifact Refining Book!” “This little scoundrel actually wants to bet you to be her slave girl, it’s too bad, you have to be careful.” Liu Meng’er said coquettishly. Dongfang Xinyueyu blushed, and nodded with a smile: “You are indeed a little villain, those eyes

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