The person who now controls the Jiangmo Academy turned out to be someone who turned against the Devil-Suppressing Temple. Such a guy must not be a good thing, which made Gu Dongchen feel very troublesome. “Then why did Tai Yunhong collude with the Demon Realm?” Gu Dongchen asked, and this was what he was most worried about: “Have they mastered the Mozzartbet method to get people from the Demon Realm?” “They colluded with the Demon Realm because they I want to use the monster channel to go to the Demon Realm when the Three Realms War begins, because there are things they want there.” Chen Xiang recalled those memories, Zhen Mo Tianzun had traveled to many worlds, even the Demon Realm and the Demon Realm, and even Ignoring the laws of any world, you can go to some mundane worlds with the power of a fairy. And Tai Yunhong knew that Online Casino Zhenmo Tianzun left something Nairabet in that demon world, so he planned to go to that demon world. “Tai Yunhong stole a lot of powerful things from the Demon Suppressing Temple, such as some taboo teleportation Betting formations of the Demon Suppressing God, which is a teleportation formation that can go to the demon world, but it requires a lot of energy to open! “In order to open a channel more easily, Tai Yunhong used the method of taboo communication to contact people in the demon world, and asked the demon world to establish a teleportation array there, and then send some people over there. Fortunately, it takes a lot of time to open this teleportation array.” It has huge energy, so they can only send two Paripesa and three people over each betting, and it’s only in the experimental stage, so they only send people who are not very strong!” What shocked Chen Xiang the most was the chelsa Mo Tianzun Because Wang Shengren and Tai Yunhong each have a rumble remnant soul, according to Wang Shengren’s memory Spinmatic, this demon-suppressing

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