Little Thief Chen Xiang originally planned to continue trading with this group of people. Because he used a fire dragon blood lotus seed to obtain the Thunder Soul Fruit. He tasted the sweetness. It’s just that Tie Ming hurried away as soon as he got the Paripesa blood lotus seed. This made Chen Xiang feel very sorry. He felt that if he continued to trade, he might be able to exchange for more things. Tie Ming left before LiveScore. He said that he would come back. But he doesn’t know when it will be. Liu Both Meng’er and Hua Xiangyue are going to prepare for Nirvana Tribulation. It’s normal that they can’t be found now, but Chen Xiang just feels that he didn’t see these two beauties. He is a little disappointed. Xiang stood outside the wall. He used his spiritual sense to communicate with Zuo Zhenxuan inside. As he expected, that son of God cared very much about the demon-suppressing bloodline in the holy alchemy world. Although he was suspicious, he was still allowed to sign up for the Demon-Suppressing Martial Arts Association.” Chen Xiang.” Chen Xiang had just arrived at the registration place of the Conquering Demon Academy. He heard a sweet voice behind him. He turned his head and saw a sweet girl in a blue dress standing there. She was watching with mischievous eyes. Look at him. This is Lan Lan of the blue blood race. He was defeated by Chen Xiang in the Evolution game at the King’s Martial Arts Meeting last time. “Hehe…you are like a mouse crossing the street now. You are so scared to death. Come report You have to dress up like this.” Lan Lanjiao smiled, and bouncing up to Chen Xiang, she made a grimace at Chen Xiang: “I must beat you this time. Just wait for me.” It looked like Although Msports is a cute little beauty, her real age is hundreds of years old. Except for her face that attracts the attention of Betting people, she has a real madrid chest on her chest.

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