Humans who practice the divine way are very rare, and there may not be more than ten in the entire world of elixir, and these people will not tell others that their way of cultivation is different from others. Ye Ziyouyou However, there are many people who have heard of the divine way, especially those powerful immortals, because it is an easier way to become a god, but it is extremely difficult to conceive a divine soul, but there are rumors that the divine soul can be plundered Other people’s, so people who practice Shinto should be more careful to hide themselves. Yan Zilan lowered her head slightly, her eyebrows frowned, thinking, if she can practice Roulette with flashscore, it will definitely make her get twice the result with half the effort. “What conditions do you want me to promise you? Real Madrid” Yan Zilan asked. “Let Yan chelsa Yao practice with you, you don’t need to accept her as a Betway apprentice, just let her follow you, if she encounters any problems, you can give her advice.” Chen Xiang said: “This condition should not be too much. Is it difficult!” Yan Zilan sighed lightly: “It’s really not difficult, she has always meant this, but I feel that I am practicing Shinto, and I can’t get too close to other people, otherwise I don’t know what will happen if I get discovered Spinmatic fruit!” Chen Xiang said with a smile: “You don’t have to worry about that, it’s not easy to be discovered when you practice the divine way, don’t you also cover it up very well as an affiliate!” Yan Zilan nodded: “My Mozzartbet spirit is when I pass through Nirvana I was born when the catastrophe failed, so I did not die completely. I saved my soul and spent ten thousand years to reshape my body. Although it only took ten thousand years, my body was much stronger than before, and then I broke through inexplicably. Yes, later I found out that I not only need to cultivate my physical body and true energy, but I also need to cultivate my soul to keep breaking through.

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