The other powerhouses are now going to seal the crack in the Slot Games space, but Du Kangsheng appears here every two days, looking very leisurely. “Don’t worry, after you kill Xie Donghao, if Shengdan Sect dares to trouble you, our Du family will definitely help you!” Du Kangsheng chelsa patted Chen Xiang on the shoulder. Chen Xiang smiled and said: “Thank you very much.” Sports betting Du Kangsheng laughed and said: “You are in a hurry to get so many crystals now, do you want to participate in the auction? But I advise you not to think about it, don’t talk about you, when the time comes Even I might not be able to participate, those old fellows completed the work ahead of schedule for betting to participate in this ranking meeting, and blocked all the space cracks from the first to eighteenth floors.” “What?” Chen Xiang and Du Yanyao were shocked Come on, the old immortals that Du Kangsheng said are naturally those guys who stand at the top of the holy alchemy world, and young people like them who can’t reach the nirvana state, don’t even think about champions in the auction The league is over. “Don’t be so desperate. Even without these old guys, it would be difficult for you to grab fairy-level or heaven-level elixir. The auction will be organized by Shengdanmen. High-grade medicinal materials and other things.” Du Kang rumbled a smile: “Of course, if those things are taken by those old guys…hehe.” “Daddy, is there any news about grandpa?” Du Yanyao said with a smile on his face asked worriedly. Du Kangsheng, whose face was full of smiles, immediately sank, he sighed and shook his head: “No, but don’t worry, although your grandfather is not the strongest in the Shengdan world, his live betting ability is not small , it’s not the first time he disappeared inexplicably like this.”

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