Du Hai looked dumbfounded, he could tell at a glance that Chen Xiang’s attack method was very special, because the Slot Games power could not be displayed by Chen Xiang at this level, he could see what kind of mysterious method Chen Xiang used The method is to fuse all the surrounding immortal energy together, turn it into a powerful force that can be controlled by him, and then change its nature to attack. Under normal circumstances, people use the true qi in their body or physical strength, and then increase their strength through ingenious changes in strength, but in Chen Xiang’s case, he gathered the strength of the outside world in a very short period of time. , use some means to strengthen these forces. Du Hai thought that he was already well-informed, he could see many secrets about Chen Xiang at a glance, such as the Four Elephant Weapon, but now he couldn’t see what method Chen Xiang used, and the bet game In a way he had never heard of. It’s no wonder that what Chen Xiang used was the supernatural power of the Imperial Dragon Clan. Only those who knew the Imperial Dragon Clan very well knew this kind of supernatural power, and most of them didn’t know the existence of this form of power called Shinto. The huge dragon corpse fell to the ground, Chen Xiang held the Qinglong Demon Slayer Knife, cut a hole according to the place Long Xueyi specified, and took out a BetWinner white bead. “Such a big guy, the dragon ball is actually so small.” Chen Xiang looked at the white bead in his palm. Although the dragon ball was not as big as he imagined, the energy contained in it made him feel excited. “Dragon balls are real madrid. The smaller the better, isn’t the true energy in your body the smaller the better? Powerful dragons will eventually compress dragon balls like sand, and some dragons can even compress dragon balls like powder.”

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