Only three days later, Chen Xiang completely devoured those energies, smelted them into pure true energy, and compressed them into the true essence grains in his dantian, increasing the number of true essence grains by four thousand, and now there are a total of eight Four thousand grains, he still needs to compress a large amount of true energy, light up another four thousand grains, and then he will be able to break through, and then obtain the bestowed power of martial arts! He came out of the roulette forest on the mountain, and flew towards the Holy Pill City. He must hurry up, find the Nairabet demon blood in that town as soon as possible, and then return to the Mortal Martial Realm. In this Holy Pill Realm, there will be dangers , as long as there are powerful forces here, he, who has a large amount of elixir resources, will conflict with those forces sooner or later. In the Holy Pill City, after Chen Xiang entered, he immediately felt a little heavy on everyone’s face. It was obvious that they knew that a crack in space had appeared not far outside the city. Come over, this made them more or less worried about Betting. But Chen Xiang didn’t take it to heart at all, in this world where immortals existed, that crack would soon be blocked by betting, and even if he didn’t bet, those magic cultivators and monsters who came over would not be able to make a fortune. Chen Xiang wandered around in the Holy Pill City for a long time, and inquired about a lot of detailed things about the Slot Games in the Holy Pill Realm, such as the distribution of forces in the Holy Pill Realm, and some other important Slot Games events in the Evolution game . Du Yanyao, the lord of the Holy Pill City, belongs to the Du family. The Du family is a large family, distributed in the eighteenth floor of the Holy Pill Realm. The Shengdan City that Du Yanyao is in charge of is the Holy Pill City The largest city in Danjie. “Little villain, you are being targeted!” Long Xueyi reminded. “Strength is not yet

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