Date of the second volume: October 19th After Chen Xiang put away the body of the eight-armed golden ape, he set a fire and burned it down, then quickly ran to a mountain range in the distance, and continued to absorb the bestowed power inside. He wasn’t afraid of that son of God at all, after all, he wasn’t a real god, and if that son of god was really powerful, he wouldn’t need any demon-suppressing blood at all. “What kind of goddamn god, the Demon Suppressing Temple has not fallen to this level. It is said that only those who can learn the Demon Suppressing Divine Art are qualified to be in charge of the Demon Suppressing Temple. I think the current master of the Demon Suppressing Temple has not learned the Demon Suppressing Divine Art at all!” Su Meiyao said disdainfully. “If you guessed correctly, the so-called Demon Suppressing Divine Veins must be in the Holy Pill Realm, and the Fire God Temple has received the wind, so we must also look for an evolution game method to enter the Holy Pill Surebet247 Realm! Now surrender the BetWinner Demon Academy and Fire God Temple, I’m afraid they’re all waiting for the first profound realm to open again!” Bai Youyou smiled coldly in the premier league: “If man city has the chance, he must devour the Son of God!” Devour the Son of God! Chen Xiang’s heart beat wildly, 22Bet is a good thing! Just thinking about it makes him excited! Ten days have passed, Chen Xiang finally completely absorbed the bestowed power, the strength of his true energy has more than doubled, there are a total of 80,000 grains, and Liverpool is still darker than the five beast statues, but only in the A small area glows a little bit brighter. “With my current physical body and true energy, it shouldn’t be very difficult to fight against the Hundred Refinement Realm!” Chen Xiang suddenly let out a long whistle, with a long breath, resounding among countless high mountains, piercing clouds and cracking stones! The body gushes with qi, forming gusts of wind and turning into a tornado, and the surrounding trees instantly rise from the ground, blowing down a group of people.

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