Search for novels and report an error:, Subscribe to the latest newsletter Subduing the magic tenth floor, the ten consecutive thunderbolts that shook the sky, hit the chests of those people like hammers, and the indescribable pressure of the Champions League pressed on their chests It made it hard for them to breathe (. They didn’t expect that after not seeing Chen Xiang for a while, Chen Xiang would become a martial artist at the Soul Martial Realm. After using the Dragon Power and Demon Subduing Power, those people were no match at all. That kind of power erupted , it is by no means comparable to them. They felt it strange when they besieged Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian before, because the strength of these two women is not low, but because they are holding a big monster egg in their hands, in order to protect It’s difficult to get rid of this egg, so they chased you and hid here. “Brother, don’t let them go Betting, there is no difference between killing two in man city and killing twenty. Anyway, NetEnt Academy of Conquering Demons has long regarded you as a It’s a repeat offense.” Leng Youlan, a violent female forebet, saw that Chen Xiang’s attack was so ferocious, blood was seen all at once, and she couldn’t help shouting excitedly. Those people now realize that rumble, real madrid, Chen Xiang is not a person who can use common sense to judge There are indeed many of them, but now that they have seen Chen Xiang’s methods, they no longer have confidence. “Quickly go back and report to the academy and tell the elders that Chen Xiang is here.” Want to run. There was a cruel smile on the corner of Chen Xiang’s mouth, and with five fingers, he grabbed the middle-aged man who was about to fly away with the Spinmatic. Although it was a hundred steps away, Chen Xiang’s claws seemed to be piercing As if penetrating the space, a white dragon claw full of dragon power suddenly appeared on top of the middle-aged man’s head.

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