In such an environment where the true qi was suppressed, Chen Xiang could still cultivate the true qi, and he could also use the powerful flames through the Vulcan tactic. This was all because of the Vulcan tactic. He killed a total of thirty Heiyanjiao, and now he has plenty of time, of course he swallows them all, and cultivates his true qi. The animal cores of the Heiyanjiao enter his dantian for a few breaths, and they are all smelted into pure true qi. The five beast statues absorbed the flashscore by themselves and pressed it into the true essence grains. When Liverpool entered the early stage of the spiritual martial arts state, the livescore grains in his five-element beast statues lit up a total of 5,000 livescores, one thousand for each beast statue. Now, if he wants to enter the middle stage of the Spiritual Martial Realm, he has to light up another 500 grains, which means that each beast statue will increase by 100 grains. At his betting stage, the infuriating energy to be compressed is even greater. Many talents can light up the true essence grains, and the premier league is very difficult, but now that he has learned the Vulcan Art and has a large amount of pure essence golden pills, he has great confidence in the speed of his cultivation. Betting, those black rock dragons are all mysterious beasts Level, the chelsa energy contained in the beast core is very powerful, although Chen Xiang can only get part of the energy after being devoured, but the total of thirty grains is very much, “It’s troublesome, now the true energy can’t be as it pleases Controlling, although it can be smelted into true qi, it is still very difficult to make the five beast statues highly compressed,” Chen Xiang said with a frown, he was most worried, if he could control the true qi, he would be able to quickly condense the true qi Compress it in the True Essence Grain, let the concentration of the True Qi be high, and then it will light up, Long Xueyi said: “It’s simple, use the mana, it will definitely be better than when you used to control the True Qi, wait for you to learn it.” Use power to control true

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